Parenting is Complicated

Parenting. We love it but we hate it. It’s impossible but we wouldn’t give it up for the world. We miss them being little but we are so glad they can wipe their own butts.

Things I Always Say as a Mom

Since I became a mom 17 years ago, I find myself saying the same things over and over and over again. Like, a lot. All the freaking time. There are things that I always say as a mom that I just keep on repeating and probably will until the day I die because only moms […]


A post from a few months ago.

7 Ways to Distract a Toddler so You Can Actually Enjoy Church

If you’re religious and at least try to go to church on a somewhat regular basis, but get frustrated by your toddler, you’re not alone. Trying to distract a toddler during a meeting at church, or anywhere else that people are supposed to be quiet, is no easy task. Obviously toddlers don’t understand the value of church […]

9 Things I Learned from My Kid’s Raging Fever

1 With 5 kids and countless illness between them, I will still never get used to them being sick. 2 I’ll be always grateful a fever is not vomit cuz that crap is way worse. 3 The old school bath is still the quickest and most effective remedy. He will scream and shiver and hang […]