Nine Mom Ideals to Ditch Right Now

Ever since I became a mom 17 years ago, I’ve had an unofficial list of ideals that never actually materialized. I thought these mom ideals would make me and my kids happy. But I’ve realized over the years that these elusive “shoulds” aren’t really necessary to raising healthy, happy, children.


A post from a few months ago.

What I Did Right This Week: Make Adjustments

Almost nothing ever goes as planned. The most valuable thing I got right this week was making those adjustments, going with the flow (at least trying to), and being willing to change things up to accommodate changes in schedule and changes in my own abilities.

What I Did Right This Week (February 24th)

Well it’s Friday my fellow mommies, and that means it’s time for a new thing I’d like to do every week called “What I Did Right This Week.” Here we can celebrate the things we actually do RIGHT instead of feeling guilty for all the crap we feel like we get wrong all day every […]